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I belonged

When I was in primary school I was invited to a friend's birthday sleepover with a few others.

Her parents took us to the shop to choose a few snacks for the evening and while standing in the line to pay I excitedly said, “I want this!” and they all replied, “yes, we all are going to have that.” It wasn’t what was said but the annoyed look on their faces. I felt like a nuisance and somehow that moment shaped the way I viewed friendships with girls for most of my life. It honestly seems so stupid now when I think about it, but it had such a huge impact on me that I didn’t want to be seen at high school. I would hide in the shadows and eventually I dropped out of school.

Fast forward to Sisterhood and Colour Conference. What a breath of fresh air! It was something I had always longed for; a place where I wasn’t wondering whether I was liked or not. When I heard speakers say that they prayed for each one of us to be there and that it was a divine appointment, I felt like I belonged, like I was invited. The unhealthy feeling of rejection by God began to chip away, not only because I needed friendship but because there were girls who would need MY friendship too.

And even though I could never afford to go to Colour, God always made a way for me to go through the generosity of other girls in our church. I can’t describe Colour, not sure if anyone can. For me the atmosphere is kind and gentle, it’s compelling and full of truth. It’s fun and exciting with a whole lot of grace. Heaven is definitely with us!

The Sisterhood has taught me that God takes whatever the enemy meant for evil and works it out for our good because we love Him and that nothing is wasted when you have Him in your life.

Fae-Ann Tise


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